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OWV LIVE Vol. 2 "The Invasion Of Your Mom's House"

This is a weird one y'all...

OWV LIVE Vol. 2 aptly titled "The Invasion Of Your Mom's House". The band played a 4 month residency at local spot "Your Mom's House" in Denver, CO. Unfortunately only 2 of the shows were able to be recorded with multitrack SBD.. that being said here they are.. combined into one thing...

Firstly we have December 17, 2021 with Dylan Kishner Band and friends. This set features a sit in from the man Luke Story on Sax for all of King Korgatron!

Hypnotized >

Maintain Velocity

It’s In The Air

King Korgatron🎷


Here Goes Nothing

🎷ft. Luke Story on Sax

To finish the residency OWV played a special birthday show for our good friend Matthew Fisher on Jan 20, 2022. This was also a wild one with a few twists and turns.. including custom lyrics to the classic Grateful Dead song, The Eleven.


Happy Birthday

Since I Was Born

The Eleven > 💀

Born In A Dark Scary World Jam >

Higher and Higher > 💦

Event Horizon >

Inverter >

Event Horizon

Hydration Tank



Wormhole >

Happy Birthday Reprise

💀 The Grateful Dead

💦 Craig Wedren/Theodore Shapiro

Released March 27, 2022 via JUNGLE RUCKUS RECORDS

Visit any major streaming or download platform to see if you can get through..


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