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Off World Vehicle - Summer 2022 - Colorado Run!

Calling all Colorado Phish fans! Off World Vehicle is only playing three shows this summer and to catch them you gotta "Surrender To The Flow"... Just Kidding.. but really thought, why don't you come "Run Like An Antelope" and "Hide In The Herd and Float With The Flock"... or whatever "Fuck Your Face"..

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Starting Saturday August 6 at Over Yonder Brewing Company in Golden, CO. LIVE PHISH Stream of the Atlantic City show, with FREE OWV sets before, during set break, and after! (3 - 5pm) (Set Break set) (After if there is time..)

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Then, OWV will return to Oneida Park, Friday September 2 in Park Hill - Denver, CO for the 3rd Annual EstPhest: Phish Dicks Pre-Party, hosted by Esters Oneida Park!

FREE SHOW! (3pm - 6pm)

⭕️ ⭕️ ⭕️ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lastly, the band will finish their summer PHLING with a LATE NIGHT at Your Mom's House Denver, CO. Saturday September 3 also hosted by Esters, as a Phish Dicks Late Night Party. OWVFANS PRESALE TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE ( 12AM - 3AM ) (Sunday).

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